Laundry Products

Centre Plumbing Plus stocks a large selection of laundry products in Melbourne. Our laundry products include a selection trusted names, including the Abey and Clark range. Our products include multiple configurations for laundry troughs, units and cabinets.

Our Laundry Range

  • Single troughs and tubs: Ideal as replacement troughs or new fittings, these troughs and tubs are suitable for any laundry. Our range includes vitreous China and steel options and a range of different capacities. 
  • Double troughs: Our double troughs are made to act in conjunction with washing machines or as a twin tub for washing. Double troughs and tubs are ideal for managing both hand-washing and cleaning. 
  • Trough and cabinet units: Our large combination units offer useful storage space, with single, double, and multiple cabinets. For installation purposes, we recommend consulting with a plumbing professional regarding your onsite needs and space management. 

Product Selection Options

Laundry tubs and cabinets are very useful assets in any home, so it’s well worth considering your choices when buying a new laundry tub or cabinet unit. If you’re considering your options, we recommend evaluating your space and storage needs to find the unit that best suits your needs.

Design Choices and Practical Solutions

The laundry is one of the most used rooms in the home. If you’re considering your needs for a new home or a renovation project, we suggest talking to our experts about choices. We can provide advice on a range of issues, including the best tubs to use with washing machines and large unit installation. 

Need Help with Product Selection or Technical Issues?

Ask our experts for any help you need choosing your laundry products. We can also help you select plumbing fittings, tapware, and all the other essentials. Call us or contact us online and speak to our highly experienced professionals about your needs.